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Dear Esteem Investors, thanks for trusting us with your hard earned capital. New Investment Package is now open. Purchase as many slots as you can now before it gets sold out.


ZIONVESTNG is a business builder organization that raises fund for viable business projects from start to finish through Crowdfunding. We create business investment opportunities for many people looking for viable businesses to invest in Nigeria. We will also be creating both direct and indirect job opportunities for several people and in our own little way, improving on the economy of Nigeria. We invite prospective investors to BECOME CO-OWNERS of our Real Estate, Farming, Food Processing & Preservation Businesses by investing your capital with us. This investment will be done through CROWDFUNDING!

Every selected business project will be established as a limited liability company with its share capital and Board. Profits made from the above mentioned businesses will be paid as dividends of partnership to our investors. This is not a get rich quick kind of investment as we will not make a mouthwatering or a jaw breaking offer on return of investment. But an offer of a return on investment that will give peace of mind that the capital invested is secured with our company as we are going to work based on realizable outcomes. We follow all due processes in establishing these businesses and operating them following the laid down rules of Nigeria.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a foremost low class citizens’ investment company in Africa.

Our Mission

To provide small time investors with little risk investment opportunities and maximum interest offer on their investment capital while providing job opportunities through establishment of lucrative businesses.

Our Core Values


We promise to constantly strive to uphold the best practices in our dealings with our business investors and co-owners. Honesty and fairness is very crucial to a successful business.


Innovation is one major factor that made the world to have evolved to this wonderful stage and it is only when we innovate that we can become better at the things we do and seek to achieve. So we are committed to doing things differently and innovatively, we will not operate with mediocrity.

Investor Protection

Our Investors/Co-Owners are the backbone of our entire operations. To this end we ensure that the Co-Owners are not taken for a ride. At ZionVestng, we ensure that our Co-Owners have peace of mind by providing adequate value returns for their investments.


Excellence is our watchword, always. From the quality of business projects we showcase, to the location of such businesses, to the ambience of each business. ZionVestng will not showcase or crowdfund for any business project that does not consciously have these qualities.

Our Business Projects

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