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Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet such as Facebook & Instagram. It is a form of crowdsourcing for a new business venture.

We are an innovative business platform where we raise capital for viable business projects through crowdfunding. Carefully vetted business projects are showcased to our investment partners who support such new ideas with their investment capital while they get returns on their investments thereof.

Zion Support Scheme(ZionVestng) Enterprise  provides a platform for investors to fund startups, monitors the startups until investors’ returns are delivered.

You can invest with the least amount as displayed for each package. This amount ranges from ₦2,500 to ₦200,000 depending on the package.

As a Zion Support Scheme(ZionVestng) Enterprise  Investor:
- You get  10% returns on your investment (ROI) between 10 - 72 months depending on your investment package;
- After the expiration of your investment repayment, bimonthly dividends depending on the profit made will be paid to you as long as the company exists.
- You can also get some products of the company at a discount<br/>

The business projects have a maximum amount of funds needed to effectively run them. Once this maximum amount is reached,  the business projects will be sold out and additional investments will not be accepted.   

The business project that is set up will pay investors returns from the profit made from the sales.

We ensure that each business project is fully insured by our insurance partners.

 Each business project is run with the highest form of professionalism from registration as a limited liability company with the Corporate Affairs Commission, to the the location of the business as well as the management of such businesses to ensure that investors funds are judiciously utilized.

Once each business project kicks off, our contributing partners/sponsors can always schedule a visit to the business location. Kindly contact us to schedule your visit.

- Register and login
- Select an investment package
- Select the number of slots you wish to invest
 - Select number of slots you are paying for
 - Save Investment
 - Make payment through Paystack gateway payment, transaction charges applies.
After successful payment, the package and number of slots you selected will automatically appear on your dashboard, save and keep the receipt generated for you by Paystack for future reference.
Once your payment has been confirmed by the company, your investment becomes active.
All dividends payments will be credited directly to your bank account after KYC has been done. Make sure you update your bank details in your profile.

Phone Number:
+2349018682234 or +2349069930832</br>

51, Ijaiye Road,Ogba, Ikeja Lagos<br/>

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