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We are a company dedicated to creating business opportunities for our investors through our Real Estate, Farming, Food Processing & Preservation, Retail Store, Educational, Media & Entertainment Businesses among many. The Fund to be raised will be used for Zion Real Estate Company, Zion Agricultural Farm and Zion Food Processing & Preservation Hut, other businesses will be funded in the future

Real Estate
We are starting with our 10 acres of land (acquiring more in every commercial state in Nigeria) to be divided into plots for sales to prospective land owners with the offer of payments over a period of 5 years. Surveys and necessary infrastructure will be done to attract buyers. The payment realized here will be the investors’ monthly dividends. Real Estate plotting, infrastructure and sales adverts begin August 1st 2019.

We have acres of land for our farming for mushroom, aloe vera, pigs rabbits, snails, bee rearing, vegetables, fruits, etc. The people eats everyday so profits made on farming cannot be overemphasis.

Food Processing:
The food processing and preservation will be done on excessive perishable foods such as pepper, fruits etc. Preservation will be done on non perishable foods such as groundnut, palm oil, soybeans and melon etc. profits made from the sales will also be dividends payments to our CO-OWNERS.